Davao’s Aeon Towers: Built to Withstand Earthquakes

Davao’s Aeon Towers: Built to Withstand Earthquakes

In the wake of recent earthquakes affecting Mindanao, heightened awareness regarding the safety of building structures is evident, especially in Davao City’s burgeoning skyline. Aeon Towers, the city’s tallest building at 33 stories, has become a focal point for concerns about safety and stability.

Even before the seismic events that damaged Mindanao, Aeon Towers, a project by local developers, prioritized structural stability. The building’s engineers employed advanced structural software and adhered to the latest seismic codes, including the National Structural Code of the Philippines, International Building Code, Uniform Building Code, ACI Building Code, and other relevant standards for earthquake-resistant structures in high-risk areas.

The design of Aeon Towers incorporates a sophisticated base and foundation system, housed in a glass structure, aimed at absorbing and dissipating earthquake energy from the top to the deep foundation. President and CEO of Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc., Ian Y. Cruz, emphasized the extensive seismic and geotechnical studies undertaken to formulate a robust structural design, reinforcing the building’s resilience.

Cruz highlighted Aeon Towers’ commitment to prioritizing safety throughout the design and construction phases, ensuring that residents benefit from an additional layer of protection within the property. The developers assert that, before commencing major construction projects, engineers should assess the seismic activity of the building site and propose suitable designs. While no structure can be completely impervious to earthquakes, the trend in the construction industry is towards earthquake-resistant structures that aim to outperform conventional buildings during seismic events. For more information, visit us at aeonluxe.com.ph

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