ALPI participated in the 2023 National Shelter Month Celebrations in Davao City

ALPI participated in the 2023 National Shelter Month Celebrations in Davao City

The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) ushered in this year’s National Shelter Month on October 1, 2023, in a grand event attended by 32 prominent developers from Davao City. The ceremony, held under the theme “Pambansang Pabahay: Matibay na Saligan ng Mapayapang Pamayanan,” emphasized the importance of decent and affordable housing for fostering stable and secure families.

The celebration commenced with a lively motorcade, featuring the active participation of Davao’s real estate industry players. Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated (ALPI), a prominent developer in the region, was among the key participants in the procession. The motorcade wound its way from Magsaysay Park through the city’s streets and culminated at Davao People’s Park, where the Opening Ceremony of the National Shelter Month Program took place.

DHSUD, as the government agency responsible for housing and urban development, played a pivotal role in organizing this event.

Representatives from Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated were excited during the motorcade, showcasing their latest project, Aeon Bleu. They also had the chance to march during the parade of colors, where developers proudly carried banners representing their respective real estate companies.

The National Shelter Month celebration in Davao City transcended a mere gathering of developers; it was a collective commitment to forging a better future for Filipino families. As the celebrations continue, communities can anticipate more initiatives and collaborations aimed at making affordable housing a tangible reality for every Filipino. This endeavor promises to lay the groundwork for more peaceful and prosperous communities nationwide.

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