What is ALPI?

What is ALPI?

Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc. (ALPI) is the real estate development branch of FTC Group of Companies Corporation, which manages a variety of businesses in Davao, Philippines.   It aims to establish itself as a frontrunner in the real estate industry by providing premium-quality, groundbreaking projects that leave a lasting impression on residents and prospective buyers and create unique transformative communities.

As an emerging real estate developer in Davao City, Aeon Luxe Properties Inc. is known for selling high-end condos that feature modern amenities and designs that aim to inspire buyers. 

Its flagship development, Aeon Towers, is a technologically advanced building that serves as the central hub of the city’s business district. It is alive with the people, commercials, and entertainment that make it a great place to live and work. Everything is conveniently located near Aeon Towers, close to the city’s best-known sites. The inspiration for this Davao condo development came from a need to make the city more desirable to residents and businesses by providing them with cutting-edge amenities. It reflects the ideal blend of boldness and tradition, a carefree lifestyle, and a forward-thinking outlook.

Aeon Bleu, Aeon Luxe’s second project, will redefine what it means to live in Davao City. The purpose of this planned community is to help its residents reach their full potential by providing them with a setting in which their personal and professional lives can coexist. It’s also supposed to combine eco-friendliness and sustainability without sacrificing the sort of high-end finishings that improve your quality of life.

Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated aims to create iconic destination projects that change the country’s landscape and open up boundless opportunities for all.

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