ALPI Shines Bright at the 3rd Carousell Property Awards, Taking Home Triple Honors

ALPI Shines Bright at the 3rd Carousell Property Awards, Taking Home Triple Honors

The fully-owned subsidiary of FTC-GOCC, real estate developer Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc. (ALPI), demonstrates once more its capacity to offer high-quality housing to every Filipino.

At the third-year Carousell Property Awards, which were hosted at the Westin Hotel Manila on Wednesday, November 28, 2023, ALPI won three prizes. ALPI received awards for Best Luxury Condominium in Davao, Best Developer in Mindanao, and Best Value for Investment in Davao.

With the title of Best Luxury Condominium in Davao, ALPI’s dedication to creating remarkable living environments was rightfully recognized. This honor demonstrates ALPI’s steadfast commitment to building homes that exude elegance, sophistication, and a tasteful fusion of contemporary design elements with Davao’s diverse cultural heritage.

As ALPI was named the Best Developer in Mindanao, their expertise in real estate development came to the fore. This award honors ALPI’s exceptional contributions to the local real estate market, highlighting their creative thinking, dedication to excellence, and beneficial influence on the communities they support.

It takes skill to strike the delicate balance of offering a bargain without sacrificing quality in the fast-paced real estate market. The Best Value for Investment—Davao award recognized ALPI’s commitment to providing outstanding value for investments in Davao. This acknowledgment highlights ALPI’s dedication to making sure that their properties not only satisfy but also go beyond the needs of discriminating purchasers.

Undoubtedly, ALPI’s winning formula—a blend of visionary leadership, a dedication to excellence, and a thorough awareness of the particular needs and goals of the communities they serve—is the reason for their success at the Carousell Property Awards. ALPI has become a leader in the real estate industry by always providing excellent properties that appeal to purchasers and improve the surrounding area.

A committed and gifted team is the foundation of any successful endeavor, and ALPI is no different. The entire ALPI team’s dedication, ingenuity, and enthusiasm are what made the company successful at the awards ceremony. Every member, from designers and architects to marketing and sales specialists, was instrumental in obtaining these awards.

With their victory at the Carousell Property Awards under their belt, ALPI has a bright future ahead of them. These honors are given to acknowledge prior accomplishments as well as to act as a catalyst for future innovation and standard-setting in the real estate sector. Competitors and aspiring developers alike will undoubtedly draw inspiration from ALPI’s exceptional and innovative journey.

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