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A neatly made bed in a bedroom with warm lighting and wooden wall decor.
A staycation-ready living room with a couch and a coffee table.
Living Room
A staycation-ready condominium with a TV and a view of Aeon Tower Davao.
Foyer Area
The lobby of Aeon Tower Davao, ideal for a staycation, is furnished with couches and ottomans.
Dining Room

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A staycation-ready living room with a couch and a coffee table.

Sustainable Living

A gym room within Club Aeon, featuring a lot of equipment.

Unmatched Security

A row of beer bottles on a condominium counter.

Luxury Amenities



From local to global narrative

Like what Sir Winston Churchill has said,

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.

More than just changing Davao’s skyline, we are committed to creating communities where people may live, work, and play conveniently.

Aeon Luxe Properties has built a name for itself by envisioning transformative communities and we will continue laying the groundwork for many industry first, like the Aeon Towers and Aeon Bleu.

Ian Y. Cruz

President, ALPI

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Telephone: 082-287-4291 
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Telephone 082-238-2425                                                                                Mobile number: +63 926 685 8413                                                                        For reservation: +63 927 820 1305

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