AEON Towers

Structural Quality and Integrity

With a seamless fusion of audacious modernity and timeless style, Aeon Towers epitomizes laid-back luxury and modern elegance. Soaring 33 stories high, this iconic structure harmoniously blends upscale condominium living, state-of-the-art commercial and office spaces, an exquisite hotel, and lavish serviced apartments. As a trailblazer in pioneering residential and commercial projects, Aeon Towers has catapulted the city into a social and economic powerhouse, redefining the standards of luxury and convenience.

With its strategic position overlooking all the captivating wonders of the city, from iconic tourist spots to bustling business districts, Aeon Towers stands tall as a beacon of excellence.

This architectural masterpiece, adorned with mesmerizing LED lights, illuminates the skyline, making it Mindanao’s premier led-lit landmark and offering the nation’s most remarkable rooftop experience.

Meet Our Hospitality Ambassadors

At Aeon Towers, we take pride in curating an atmosphere where every detail is meticulously attended to, ensuring that your every need is met with a heartfelt smile.

Radiating warmth and genuine care, our dedicated team embraces their roles as true ambassadors of hospitality, ensuring every guest is greeted with a contagious smile that accompanies them throughout their entire journey within Aeon Towers.