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FTC Group of Companies Corporation is the holding company of Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc. Owned by the Cruz family, Inc., it operates diversified businesses in Davao. As the Philippine economy improves and new opportunities are created, FTC intends to leverage its position in Davao to pursue new businesses in the market. One of the those is property development.

Aeon Luxe Properties has been created to pursue property development opportunities in Davao prior to expanding beyond the city at some future point. From the beginning, Aeon Luxe has aimed to be a market leader in terms of providing quality, innovative and memorable developments and creating unique transformative communities.

The Aeon Luxe Properties story begins with land acquired beside the country’s best and biggest developer. To see value in surrounding land is good business sense. And to do a quick flip and sell at a significant profit makes even better sense. However, to go against the market leader head-on might be nonsense, at least to the many and to the ordinary. Ordinary and predictable is not the purpose of Aeon Luxe.



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