Why Having A Smart Home Condo Is The Best Choice

November 20, 2020

What would be the first thing that you can think of when you hear the words smart home condo? Convenience? Security? Those are just two of the key points that you can benefit from if you decide to purchase a smart home ready condominium unit as your second home.

Technology has evolved so much as it has changed how the people live and manage the things around their homes. You probably remember the times were when you used to just have a flip phone in high school and you brag about it with your classmates. Then, flat screen phones and smart televisions came. Today, more and more home seekers are looking to purchase for a property that has smart home features to ensure their family’s convenience and safety. But what does it really mean when you settle down in a smart home mixed-use property?

Here is the list of what you can benefit from having a smart home ready condo unit.

     1.You can control your lights and other appliances via mobile phone access.


This is primarily one of the reasons why people invest in it especially businessmen and women who spend most of their time outside to work and just want to have a very relaxing sleep when they get home. You don’t have to walk around home to switch the lights on or look for the ac remote control when you can turn all of them on simultaneously in just a tap of your finger.

2. You can save money in your electricity bill.

Having access to your lights and appliances no only gives you that convenience as it also helps you use electricity efficiently. Some of the products used in smart homes are LED lights or solar powered lights which means it has a longer operational life and environment-friendly.

Let’s just say you’re that type of person who sometimes forgot to turn off the air condition when you were rushing out in the morning for work? Not a problem, since you can just turn it off using your phone while bustling the street traffic. The money you save from electricity bills can be something you can invest in instead like in a more premium condo unit for passive income.

3. You get to enjoy seamless interior design at home.

How many times have you hit your toes in unclosed cabinets or trip because of wirings in your floor? If you live in a smart home condo, that won’t be a problem especially if you have a family that has rowdy toddlers.

Smart home condo not only features home automation as it also includes soft close motion cabinets and fiber optic backbone cabling just like when you live in a premium condo unit Aeon Towers enjoying a majestic view of Mount Apo in Davao City.

4. Your safety is ensured compared to that typical home in a village.

That’s right, since you will be living in a condominium your safety is ensured at all times. No worries about the building as it will be equipped with hundreds of CCTV cameras and security officers are on board in the central command center 24/7.

Inside your condo, you have full access of incoming guests through the intercom system operated by the lobby receptionist. No one can just go up to your unit without giving you a heads up. The basement parking will be operated via radio frequency identification card (RFID) which means only the condo owners who has parking slots can get in there.

5. Your property value increases overtime.

Since your home is equipped with an advanced technology, re-selling it to interested investors would give you a very good deal. This home improvement adds value to any real estate property for sale and boosts it price. You will eventually meet homebuyers who would most likely have a home like yours—a modern and secured condo.

This why having a smart home condo is a very good choice. It’s not all about just having the convenience, it’s also about protecting your home and your future family from whatever could happen.

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