Utilizing Solar Energy at Aeon Bleu

October 29, 2019

Utilizing Solar Energy at Aeon Bleu

One of Aeon Bleu’s efforts towards sustainability involves the use of solar power. This has been incorporated right at the project planning and design phase to comply with Philippine Green Building Code requirements.

Solar power has always been beneficial and efficient for both the developer and condo owners. It minimizes their electricity consumption and its impact to human health and the environment. Solar power does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water as it only requires an ample amount liquid for its maintenance. Thus, it is applicable for usage in any condominium development.

Typically, communal areas and exterior walkways in condo properties have to be well lit due to aesthetic reasons and safety laws. These require electrical lighting, which entails significant costs on the property developers and even the owners. To reduce costs, solar panels will be installed on top of the four buildings of Aeon Bleu to produce renewable energy throughout the development.

The gathered energy during the day from the sun in the solar panels will then be transmitted to the inverter, which will change this energy to usable AC electricity. This will then be used at night in all non-toxic LED lights in common areas, the penthouse and in Club Aeon – the main leisure hub of all residents and guests of all Aeon developments. 

Aeon Bleu is the second project of Davao-based premium property developer Aeon Luxe Properties. It aims to achieve a strong sense of community for living, working and playing. Aeon Bleu envisions to create a neighborhood that gives great importance in conserving the environment not only in this development but also all throughout the city.