Steps in Buying

October 20, 2019

AEON Towers


  • Establish your purpose in owning a house.  Is the house going to be a startup residence?  Or a gift to your parents?  For your children as inheritance?  Or simply an investment?
  • Outline your dream home.  Do you want it to be within a private community?  Or near your workplace to avoid traffic and spend more time with your family? Or in an area where everything you need is within your reach?


  • Upon deciding what to acquire, compute with your agent the easy-on-the-budget payment scheme.
  • Choose the payment scheme that best suits your financial capability while still enjoying the work-life balance.


  • Collect as much information about the properties that you think the best suit your needs.
  • Compare then select from the shortlist that you and your trusted property consultant or agent have prepared.
  • Schedule a site tripping and take photos so you can have something to review carefully at home.


  • Prepare and coordinate documentary requirements of the property developer.
  • Seek professional legal assistance if necessary in interpreting the sales conditions.

Aeon Tower Building