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April 29, 2020

Green Home Condominium in Davao City

Condo living is a great alternative to home-owning. You get the space you need along with security and accessibility to everything a city has to offer. More and more people are now considering a condo more than ever. Owning one is not that different than owning a house. You still need to spend on the upkeep, keep it clean and etc. Taking care of your house is vital to one’s health and surroundings. Especially, in this time of dengue, climate change, and a garbage crisis.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your condo living safer for everyone and the environment.

Energy Savings

Look for a condo that was designed for a lot of natural light to come in (also replace your lighting to LED ones). You can save money on electric bills by doing so. In fact, you can save more if you place your refrigerator away from direct sunlight. Same with airconditioning units not being placed directly under the sun as the heat will make the compressor work harder than usual.

Dengue Away!

Dengue is a problem that can be minimized if you know what to do. One can start off by ensuring that there are no places for mosquitoes to breed like standing and stagnant water. Spraying insecticides near areas where water is present and even removing freshly laundered clothes from the sampayan so mosquitoes can’t hide in them.

Garbage Out!

Accumulated daily garbage is normal whether you live in a condo or a house. However, a condo is almost always smaller so space is an issue. You need to minimize garbage and have an efficient garbage disposal system. First off, make it a habit to segregate. Next is to reduce one-time-use plastics. Another is to frequently clean the whole area to prevent dust, moisture, and to throw away things you don’t need. Remember, being hygienic is also key.

These are just some simple ways you can make your condo living more efficient, healthier, and safer. Living in one can be as fun and rewarding as owning a house. Call us today and enjoy life at Aeon!