From Necesssity To Fashion: How to Look Hip With a Face Mask

July 15, 2020

How To Look Hip With A Face Mask

As the country begins to allow establishments to reopen, places such as restaurants and shopping malls are starting to get crowded again. One of the preventions that we can do to protect ourselves from getting the virus is to wear a mask. This is why establishments require their customers to wear it every time they enter the place.

It would be more economical if we’ll be using a reusable mask; not only it will help us save money, it can also protect our environment from the increasing number of disposable masks.

More and more masks are being produced to accommodate the needs of the consumers. Now, manufacturers are beginning to create more stylish masks for people to wear while running their errands. Although health experts have already reminded people to wear the correct masks (surgical mask and N95), people continue to use these masks to complete their look.

In this article, we will be sharing with you tips on how to look hip with your mask and still safe from any forms of diseases.

Check the prints and patterns

If you enjoy wearing printed clothes, try looking for plain masks that could match your overall look; or if you like wearing masks with bold prints and colors, try going plain for your clothes. If you are trying to follow your company’s dress code policy, try to go for neutral colors or refined prints.

Choose the right fabric

The fabric of your mask can affect your total look; from your comfort to your style. Manufacturers have made masks using different fabrics including silk and satin, which are not good for holding up the sweat and oil produced by our skin. So, we suggest that you look for some fabrics that can serve you the purpose. has experimented with which cloth to use for your mask. Their result is a sheet of tightly woven cotton with two sheets of chiffon made from polyester and spandex is the most effective combination in filtering around 80-99% particles.

Check the fit and right size

Whether we like it or not, one size doesn’t fit all in terms of face masks, especially the surgical mask. Good thing, manufacturers have become more sensitive in creating face masks that vary from one size to another to cater to the needs of all consumers. Try to find the size that fits you well to ensure that no particles will pass through your face.

Add some accessories

While your facemasks already serve as your main accessory, you can still add some minor accessories to complete the look. You can put some eyeglasses, earrings, or a cap. Try to blend your accessories without overpowering one item.

One thing to remember that while we are wearing this facemask to complete our everyday look, its main purpose is to spare us from getting any infectious diseases. So, be mindful while wearing one because we are not just protecting ourselves, we’re also protecting others.