Elevator Etiquette For Condo Owners

August 6, 2020

Proper Elevator Etiquette Guide For Condo Owners

Is it your first time living  in a condo where you get to have hundreds of neighbors living in one building? Try to imagine when you walk out of your unit and you get to meet a few of them everyday in the elevator. How will you be able to make friends with them? Start off by having a proper elevator etiquette with the help of this guide that you should take note of.

Waiting Time

  • Give way for people who want to access the elevator buttons and the door. You’re not the only one who might be rushing their way down.
  • Be courteous and let persons with disabilities (PWDs) fall in line first.
  • Be kind enough to hold the door open for people for no more than 15-20 seconds.
  • If you’re waiting for the second elevator, push the button only when the first one has moved.
  • Do not delay the elevator from moving just because you pushed its button too.Be patient enough and stop hitting the button over and over as it won’t make the elevator go faster.


  • It’s common courtesy to let PWDs get in the elevator and alight first.
  • Never try to squeeze yourself inside once the elevators are full and wait for the next one to reach your floor.
  • Use the buttons to hold the elevators doors open. Do not use your hands or the next door you’ll be opening is the hospital.
  • Make sure you push the right floor number to not cause delays. If you can’t reach the button, ask the nearest person politely to push the button for you.
  • Stay clear from the door to give way to those who are going out first.
  • If you’re standing nearest to the elevator buttons, be a good neighbor and push floor
    buttons for those who ask you to.


  • Keep a safe distance from the door once you have boarded in the elevator.
  • Try to stand on a healthy distance from other passengers to keep balance once you’re inside the elevator.
  • Be mindful of the passengers who are with you in the elevator. Keep all sound at a soft or quiet level, may it be your speaking voice or your music from your earphones. If you’re riding with someone and you need to talk with each other, keep your voice low to avoid disturbing the rest.
  • Drop your phone call while inside the elevator. Spare the other riders from the unnecessary story time.
  • Be that friendly neighbor and give your fellow passengers a smile or a greeting to make their day a good one. You’re not obliged to have a conversation.
  • Don’t eat or drink inside the elevator. If you must carry your food or drink, try not to take it out to avoid spilling it to the person next to you.
  • Hold your bags closely in front of you to avoid taking up unnecessary space.


  • If you are coming from the farthest end of the elevator, be polite and ask the other to give way for you to exit and say thanks when they do.
  • If you’re the one who is standing in front of the door, step outside when the people behind you are about to exit the elevator and only come back in when everyone has alighted on that specific floor.
  • If you are one of those who are left inside and nearest the buttons, help the ones who stepped outside get back in smoothly by holding the door open.
  • If you’re riding with a friend, but you’re alighting on different floors, don’t hold the elevator just so you can finish talking. That’s rude to the other passengers, and definitely a waste of their time.
  • Be alert and move out promptly.

Keep in mind that it takes a good attitude for an individual to acquaint with new friends, specifically neighbors. Which is why it is ideal to be at your best behavior and proper etiquette when you’re inside the elevators of the luxurious condominium you’re staying in.

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