Bluechella and Christmas Party 2017

October 20, 2019


Aeon Luxe had its soft launching of Aeon Bleu at the Sellers General Assembly and Christmas Party on December 6, 2017 at the Davao Convention Center.With it “Coachella inspired” theme, 620 guests wearing their boho chic and indie style outfits came to witness and had a glimpse of Aeon Luxe’s second project Aeon Bleu.During the event, LPPA Architect LeoPariñas showed a presentation and explained to the sellers the sole inspiration of Aeon Bleu’s architectural design.

The architectural language is expressed by modern lines and characterized by stepped geometry. Thus, Aeon Blue is inspired by terraced mountains overlooking the river just like our building overlooking Davao River,” Architect Pariñas explained.

He also shared that each tower has gracefully curving façade with undulating ledges that alludes to the natural curvilinear shape of the river.After the series of talks and presentations from the representatives of Aeon Luxe, the event ended up successfully and as a memorable experience for it is after all the sellers Christmas party. Raffle prizes were given and the best dressed of the night are awarded as the Mr. and Ms. Bleuchella.