Better Ways To Keep Your Space More Livable

July 20, 2020

Better Ways To Keep Your Space More Livable

“There’s no place like home,” as the old saying goes. Indeed, there’s no other place where you can be more comfortable than your home. Decorating and arranging it, on the other hand, can be a pretty demanding and pressuring task. To help you out, we will be sharing with you some tips you should keep in mind in making your home more livable.

  • Proportion

    If you have a small space at home, the first thing you should consider maximizing the area to make it more appealing and functional. The items should be proportionate to your space; otherwise, everything will be overwhelming for you. It doesn’t mean that everything should be in a small-scale, you just need to avoid having oversized furniture which can eat most of your floor space. Remember, everything should be relative to each other.

  • Furniture and Decorative Items

    In choosing your furniture and decorative items, you should know what theme you would like to achieve. Do you want to have a minimalist set-up, a vintage vibe, or a modern impression? By knowing what you want as an outcome, you’ll be able to choose your items correctly.

    If possible, try to choose the furniture and decorations that can serve multiple purposes. It will not only give life to your house, but it can also be functional. You can search at or for some inspirations for multi-purpose items.

    Try to settle for a limited color palette. According to, you can use not more than five colors for your entire home. You can utilize the colors of your choice, and thoughtfully blend all the colors.

  • Lighting

    Good lighting can affect the general mood of the room as it gives us a cheerful, appealing, and practical atmosphere. For that matter, choosing the correct lighting is an essential factor in interior design as it improves everything in the room, from the floorings to the finishes and textures. In addition, you also need to utilize your windows to let the natural light come inside your room. If you want to keep your privacy, you can add some blinds and curtains.

  • De-Clutter

    Did you know that decluttering your house can give you some health benefits? Yes, it helps you improve your mood as it gives you a sense of discipline and accomplishment. According to, having a lot of things surrounding you will make you feel overwhelmed. Get rid of the unnecessary things and keep the ones that are useful for your home.

    Furthermore, by decluttering your stuff, you’ll be able to know what items you can keep, the items you can sell, and the items you can already throw away. It also helps you empty your storage space for other essentials.

  • Storage Space

    Go vertical when trying to look for extra spaces for your storage. It can be on top of your cabinets, at the back of your door, or under your bed. You don’t need to spend big in trying to find the best solutions for your storage. There are numerous DIY techniques you can find in or to help you maximize your space.

Do you have other ideas that can make your home more livable? Or do you wish to discuss more of the things you can add to this list? Always remember that whatever you do with your space, you can still find the comfort and joy in your dwelling.

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