Aeon Bleu to Move Towards Sustainability

October 29, 2019

Aeon Bleu to Move Towards Sustainability

To promote environmentally responsible practices, Aeon Bleu, the integrated development of Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc. will incorporate eco-friendly facilities all throughout the property.

Aeon Bleu will undertake this initiative in line with the Philippine Green Building Code (GB Code), which prescribes standards to improve the efficiency of building performance through sound environmental and resource management.

The six-building compound facing Bacaca Road in Davao City will come equipped with green building technology. Energy-efficient features such as inverter-type air-conditioning systems, chilled water for cooling and charging station provisions for low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles (LEFEV) will be made available at Aeon Bleu. 

In addition, low-emissivity or Low-E glass, which keeps the heat from the sun out while maintaining the cool temperature of the room, will be fitted into the buildings. An energy-saving and cost-efficient feature, this type of glass minimize the amount of infrared and UV light without reducing the amount of natural light that enters the room. 

Aeon Bleu will also have lighting technologies that can decrease power costs and help mitigate climate change. LED lights, which are non-toxic, many times more efficient and better in terms of light distribution quality than traditional lights, will be placed in the common areas. Furthermore, Aeon Bleu will harness the use of solar power – one of the cleanest and renewable energy sources. Solar-powered lighting fixtures will be installed in some portions of the common areas. 

Water conservation facilities will also be designed within the property. A sewage treatment plant (STP), which cleanses and treats greywater – the wastewater from baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers and sinks – so that it becomes safe for reuse, will serve the different buildings. This kind of greywater recycling will significantly reduce the volume of freshwater usage within Aeon Bleu. Additionally, the compound will utilize rainwater harvesting, a process which collects and stores rainwater for later use in plant irrigation and flushing, to name a few. 

Apart from the sustainable facilities, Aeon Bleu envisions to create a green community, where developers, residents and investors work together to limit their footprint on the environment. This community shares a common goal for water management, green infrastructure, natural landscapes, earth-friendly transportation networks, economic health, and the like.  

Aeon Bleu is the second project of Davao-based premium property developer Aeon Luxe Properties. Consisting of residential, office, commercial and condotel components, it aims to achieve a strong sense of community for living, working and playing.

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