For Immediate Hiring

Building Managers
Building Engineers
Leasing Managers
Maintenance Supervisors
Maintenance Technicians
IT Support
Reception & Admin Associates

General Manager – Construction
Site Engineers – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil
Interior Designers
Plumbing & Sanitary Engineers
Sr. Quantity Surveyors

Project Development Directors
Project Development Associates – Architects, Civil Engineers
Land Acquisition & Government Relations Associates
Fund Managers
Executive Assistant Managers

Customer Care Officers
Customer Care Associates
Digital Marketing Officers
Showroom Administrators
Reception Associates

Loyalty and Relations Manager
Digital Sales Officers
Digital Sales Associates

For Active Pooling

Network Administrators
Leasing Associates
Accounting Associates

Safety Engineers
CAD Operators
Warehouse & Equipment Leads

Sales Managers
Account Managers
Sales Associates

Public Relations & Advertising Officers
Social Media Associates
Food Handler
Sales Managers
Account Managers
Sales Associates


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