For Immediate Hiring

HR Director

Marketing Manager – Promotions & Brands, Public Relations & Advertising
Marketing Officer – Content
Digital Marketing Officers
Marketing Associate – Website, Graphics

Customer Care Associates
Digital Sales Associate

Club Manager/ Showroom Manager
Reception Associates

Accounting Associate

IT Manager
IT Support

For Active Pooling

General Manager – Construction
Site Engineers – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil
Architects, Interior Designers

Plumbing & Sanitary Engineers
Sr. Quantity Surveyors
Safety Engineers

CAD Operators
Warehouse & Equipment Leads

Project Development Directors
Project Development Associates – Architects, Civil Engineers

Land Acquisition & Government Relations Associates

Fund Managers
Executive Assistant Managers

Sales Managers
Account Managers, Sales Associates

Customer Care Officers
Public Relations & Advertising Officers
Social Media Associates

Barista/ Food Handler
Front Desk/ Cashier
Gym Instructor
Life Guard/ Gardener

Loyalty and Relations Manager
Digital Sales Officers
Digital Sales Associates

Sales Managers
Account Managers
Sales Associates


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